When a relationship comes to an end, it’s quite common to see the people involved go around badmouthing each other. I use the term relationship in a broad spectrum..friendship, love or even a work relationship.
Sometimes you don’t share common interests anymore or an incident happened which your affection just can’t submerge or you frankly don’t see in each other what you once did/thought you did.
Whatever the circumstances, sometimes there is pain from losing this person. You hate to admit it but deep down inside, you miss what once was/what you wish could have been.
Women are proud. We hate to admit that one way or the other, the absence of this person leaves a little bit of a vacuum. Sometimes it’s made harder by the circumstances surrounding the end of that relationship.
When you go around saying terrible things about your ex-friend, ex-husband /boyfriend, ex-boss/employee etc, you are not doing yourself much of a favor as well. If they were that totally horrible and you chose to be with them and put up with them for so long, then it shows you don’t make very good choices yourself.
I do believe that sometimes this person may have been terrible to you and i agree, this a bad thing. However the truth is, as much as you would like to believe it, that doesn’t make him/her a bad person. Sometimes, a good boss at work, who is also a good son to his parents may not make a very good husband. Your wonderful husband may be a bad boss.
So if you are currently feeling angry and hurt by the way an Ex- has treated you or ended a relationship, be willing to admit that you feel hurt that things didn’t work out. There are many different roles that an individual has. Some they handle well, some they don’t.
Give the hurt sometime. It will fade if you let it. Have faith in the amazing potentials you have which this person will miss out on. It’s their loss, so smile and waste no time talking about them. You are one true gem and you should know it.

Women are no strangers to the dissatisfaction looking in the mirror can sometimes bring…the nose that was always a little too big..the boobs that grew briefly during puberty and stubbornly refused to make more progress, the extra kilos that just won’t go away a year after the baby was born..etc
We have experienced this,some more than others,some earlier than others.
The factor to be blamed for these issues is that annoying word ‘Comparison’. There would be no MORE if LESS didn’t exist. Unfortunately, I believe if there’s a god of comparison, it must be a female. We are constantly scanning other females, sizing them up and assessing how we measure up to the ‘ideal’. When we fall short-or assume we do-we get dissatisfied.
I feel this attitude achieves very little other than tamper with your confidence and make you feel less like the fabulous lady that you are.
Sometimes, your concerns are legitimate..maybe your weight gain creates real health concerns or you just feel better when you weigh less, then by all means, try a weight loss regimen. You can also use tools at your disposal -i.e makeup, bras, body shapers- to downplay your perceived flaws and enhance your assets. Be sure what your concern really is and how much mental space you are willing to give it.
To wrap it up, it’s all in your head. Your thoughts dictate to the mirror. If you feel confident and walk with a spring in your step and a bright smile plastered on your face, that’s what people will see and remember about you.
Remember we are all wonderfully but uniquely made.

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