Woman, chin up!

On days when my spirits are low,

and the devil tries to sow seeds of self doubt in my mind,

I remind myself,

I am made by a perfect God, who makes no mistakes,

His works are perfection, and I am his work,

I was born, raised and mentored by a queen,

I am the descendant of great women and I shall eclipse them,

I am my queen’s priceless jewel,

I am my husband’s beloved lover,

Life has spewed forth from my body,

I am my children’s mother,

I am an endless pocket of love and kindness,

I am daughter, sister, wife, mum and friend,

I am woman, and I am freaking awesome!!!


Have a great new week everyone!


If you looked…

When a woman stays in an abusive relationship (physical, verbal or emotional), she suffers and the people around her, who have invested years of love and devotion experience the greatest pain- the parents, the siblings. It hurts to watch someone you love dearly become a shadow of themselves all because of a love gone wrong (or one that should never have even started). The children are the worst victims I believe. It is absolute mental torture for them.

I have a son, and I have a daughter. While it is still a little too early to say if I love one more than the other, I can confidently tell you I love them differently. My daughter signifies everything in my world that is pure, delicate and beautiful. Love falls short as a description. I am sure everyone who has a little girl knows these emotions I fail to adequately describe. Having said this, can you imagine how crushed it must make parents feel to know that their precious daughter goes home everyday to an abusive partner? How about the siblings who grew up loving you, respecting you? Your dear friends whose memories of the person you used to be are starting to fade?

I hate to see marriages end. So please do not take this to be a preaching for divorce. The aim of this article is to let you know that it hurts others too. Greatly. Someone who loves you wouldn’t derive pleasure from hurting or humiliating you. He takes sadistic pleasure in tormenting you. That isn’t love. You are loved by so many people. There are so many people who look up to you in your family and even in the society. Your parents probably raised you to know you are invaluable to them. Your kids let you know too. You are truly, truly special to these people and loved by them. It hurts them all to see you so weak and if you looked deeply, you would see. You deserve better.

A mother should be her children’s idol. Loving a mum is instinctual in most cases. Respecting them on the other hand, is a learned behaviour. It’s hard to uphold the image of an idol if your kids constantly watch you disrespected. Allowing them to see this happen will shape their characters without you being aware and this is quite unfair. Their ways of handling their own future relationships will be affected by how they watch you handle yours. Many women often say that they stay because of the kids. I beg to differ. What do you achieve if you don’t raise sons better than your husband? What good is it if you raise daughters who are scared of marriage? You want to raise children who stand up for themselves. To treat others the way they want to be treated…with dignity and kindness.

If you are respectful yourself, I see no reason why you can’t insist on being respected. As women, sometimes we simply assume men know the things we want. Don’t assume he knows he hurts you. Say it out aloud. If you haven’t demanded it before, you should (of course this will probably work only if the abuse is verbal). Let him know statements or jokes you find to be derogatory. If however, you have made a huge mistake and married a partner who is an absolute monster -in which case you have no voice in your relationship- then I pray all the angels in heaven will sing a solution into your ears and help you make the tough choices you need.

To conclude, I would like to let you know that as a woman, you are wonderfully made. Try to be around people who make it easy for you to be at your best. You should be celebrated everyday for all the remarkable tasks and emotions you juggle daily and stay sane and beautiful. For the various ‘offices’ you run successfully. You have such a huge capacity to love and be loved. Don’t give the special privilege of your love to an undeserving person.

Don’t let anyone whip the pride out of you literally or figuratively!


Mediocre : adjective meaning undistinguished: of only ordinary or moderate quality: so-so.

I personally hate that word, find it very unattractive and believe that as individuals, we have the right to aim past this level and should always do so. We should aspire to not have it associated with anything we are/do and while we probably won’t always be successful, we’ll at least know we try.

Mediocrity is a comfortable state and it is often quite tempting to stay cozy within this state of certainty and calm in whatever we do. It is after all less exerting and demanding. However, the truth is, you are functioning below your true potential. You are actually capable of doing more- whatever it is- if you would just push a little more..stretch past ‘comfortable’ a little bit more. You can apply this attitude to all aspects of your life. Be an extraordinary mum, be an extraordinary wife, be an extraordinary employee, be an extraordinary teacher, be an extraordinary volunteer. Be that person who goes the extra mile. Spend more time improving on your skills till you reach the above average mark.

Do not let your motivation for this be praise or gratitude, be a little ‘selfish’. Do it just because you want to feel good and trust me, you will feel good. Gratitude may come in the form of some recognition or admiration but even if it doesn’t, you will feel good discovering what you are capable of doing and this in itself, will make you happy.

If at the end of the day you still fall short of your target (hopefully you don’t) in whatever field it is (your job, your relationship..), you will find solace in knowing truly that you completely did your best. You would also have learned from the experience and that’s something gained.

You can do EXCELLENT. Why settle for less? Why aspire to be less than superb in whatever it is? Even if your job right now isn’t the dream job you want, be excellent at it. Exploit the opportunity to learn to be an extraordinary employee. By the time you get your dream job, standing out will be a habit you are already used to.

Remember, you have all the AWESOME you need inside YOU. You just need to unleash it. Have a great and mediocre-free week!

Women-In-Sunset-Wallpaper-For-PCA mojo is a magic factor or spell.

There are times when every woman needs this power tool to push through certain situations. Maybe you are feeling down generally or you are going into a situation where you need a little ‘high’ to push through. What you need to boost your confidence is your mojo .

To be able to tap into your mojo when you need it, you need to first find it. What is it that you are exceptionally good at? What’s captivating about you? What is it about you that makes you feel confident? It could be anything…even your hair could be your mojo. Take your time and find it if it isn’t jumping at you right now. Wrap your hand around it and keep it safe as your go-to-feel-good factor when you need one.

So, go girl! You have all the ‘awesome’ you need in there. It’s all in you. You just need to find it and know how to use it. Have a great week!

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