Love on my mind…

Sweeter than honey is this love of ours, My heart flutters when you are near, When you look in my eyes, fireworks erupt in the fit of my belly. I sense you even before I see you. With you, I am fearless.

Warmer than a thick blanket on a cold winter night is your embrace my love, Joy is incomplete until I have shared it with you, Worries disappear when you are near. In your presence, I am comforted. With you, I know a reality that has eclipsed my fantasies.

Beautiful and unashamed is my adoration for you my love. Your hands are mine to hold. My heart speaks your name. The lines of your face are etched in my memory. When we are apart, I pine for you. For without you, I am incomplete.

Songs have been written and ballads sung about this affliction of mine. I was made for you, and you for me. In your arms, I am home. I am loved perfectly, in the way I want to be loved. Time stands still for us, and the rest of the world melts away.

God bless us.

(Written somewhere in S/Wales for my love on 24/12/2015)

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