Dance your turn… then rest

We are not immortal. As we cruise through life, we often neglect this unfortunate fact. I believe what ends up happening due to our negligence is that we wake up one day and the realization strikes us in the face that with or without our consent, time has indeed gone by. Some dreams will not be actualized…some actions cannot be undone…some plans cannot be carried out. We have run out of energy, time or opportunity.

What ends up happening is that sometimes we attempt to live these dreams through our children. There is nothing wrong in wanting the best for our children. In fact as parents, I think we owe it to our kids to make sure we guide them right and save them the agony of poor choices. However, there is a difference between this selfless desire to protect an offspring from bad decisions and the selfish desire for a child to achieve a feat we failed to achieve ourselves and share in the glory.

Live your dreams. Try your best to knock out the barriers between you and your dreams. Try your best. If at the end you still cannot achieve your goal, then let it be. Do not put unnecessary pressure on children to be everything that you are not. To everything there is a season. This applies to our lives as well. Now is your season. If there is a career choice you like, go for it. Go be it. Don’t give up and plan to impose that choice on your kids. If you are married, try to create a home you like…build and run your home the way you like. This is your own playground to make the choices you want. Don’t plan to run your children’s homes after they are married and make decisions for them. If you have a house, design and decorate it the way you want. Your kids and their spouses may have different plans when it’s their turn because it’s THEIR turn.

We owe our children the freedom to make their own decisions. Hopefully, they make sensible ones and ask for our counsel from time to time. They will make mistakes whether we like it or not. Hopefully the mistakes make and not maim them. We shouldn’t shackle them with the burdens of our unfinished plans or dreams.

To sum up, realize that YOUR time is now. It’s the only time that will ever truly be yours to use(or not use) and design. If there is anything you are unable to do, make your peace and accept that fact. Don’t plan to borrow.

The music is playing for you right now. This dance is yours. So dance.

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