Mediocre : adjective meaning undistinguished: of only ordinary or moderate quality: so-so.

I personally hate that word, find it very unattractive and believe that as individuals, we have the right to aim past this level and should always do so. We should aspire to not have it associated with anything we are/do and while we probably won’t always be successful, we’ll at least know we try.

Mediocrity is a comfortable state and it is often quite tempting to stay cozy within this state of certainty and calm in whatever we do. It is after all less exerting and demanding. However, the truth is, you are functioning below your true potential. You are actually capable of doing more- whatever it is- if you would just push a little more..stretch past ‘comfortable’ a little bit more. You can apply this attitude to all aspects of your life. Be an extraordinary mum, be an extraordinary wife, be an extraordinary employee, be an extraordinary teacher, be an extraordinary volunteer. Be that person who goes the extra mile. Spend more time improving on your skills till you reach the above average mark.

Do not let your motivation for this be praise or gratitude, be a little ‘selfish’. Do it just because you want to feel good and trust me, you will feel good. Gratitude may come in the form of some recognition or admiration but even if it doesn’t, you will feel good discovering what you are capable of doing and this in itself, will make you happy.

If at the end of the day you still fall short of your target (hopefully you don’t) in whatever field it is (your job, your relationship..), you will find solace in knowing truly that you completely did your best. You would also have learned from the experience and that’s something gained.

You can do EXCELLENT. Why settle for less? Why aspire to be less than superb in whatever it is? Even if your job right now isn’t the dream job you want, be excellent at it. Exploit the opportunity to learn to be an extraordinary employee. By the time you get your dream job, standing out will be a habit you are already used to.

Remember, you have all the AWESOME you need inside YOU. You just need to unleash it. Have a great and mediocre-free week!

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