Women-In-Sunset-Wallpaper-For-PCA mojo is a magic factor or spell.

There are times when every woman needs this power tool to push through certain situations. Maybe you are feeling down generally or you are going into a situation where you need a little ‘high’ to push through. What you need to boost your confidence is your mojo .

To be able to tap into your mojo when you need it, you need to first find it. What is it that you are exceptionally good at? What’s captivating about you? What is it about you that makes you feel confident? It could be anything…even your hair could be your mojo. Take your time and find it if it isn’t jumping at you right now. Wrap your hand around it and keep it safe as your go-to-feel-good factor when you need one.

So, go girl! You have all the ‘awesome’ you need in there. It’s all in you. You just need to find it and know how to use it. Have a great week!

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